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Six years ago I was invited to Kuching, Malaysia, to the Borneo International Bead Conference (BIBCO), to present a paper on a book I wrote entitled “The Art of Bead Stringing - Artist to Entrepreneur,” and to teach master workshops on the art of bead stringing, jewelry design and how to create cottage industries to women from Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, India, and Japan. All expenses were paid. The workshops went so well that this year marks the third time I have been invited back (the conference is held every 2 years).


I am bringing this to your attention through GoFundMe because this year, funding for BIBCO is not what it has been in the past. While I have once again been invited to participate, the organizers have advised that they are only able to cover my hotel and ground expenses for the days of the conference. In addition, they are not able to finance as many master workshops as I have done in the past. These are extremely beneficial to the local women. I am willing to donate my time and energy but I need your help to cover the expense of travel, an extended stay and some materials needed.

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