The Designer 

Jewelry designer, Elaine Robnett Moore, grew up in an environment influenced by four generations of painters, writers, musicians and dancers. Elaine’s creativity and artistry is not a surprise to those that have witnessed the evolution of her passion for beads into her mastery of jewelry design. Self taught and internationally renowned, she is based in Maryland, USA.


The Process

Beads are gathered from around the world, adding wonderful strings and other things, plus love.  The beads are hand selected for their beauty, quality, uniqueness, color, and/or story, and sometimes amethyst, turquoise, jade, diamonds, sapphire, peridot, amber, rubber, glass, resin, gold, silver, bronze, old, new, collectable, rare, ancient, converted from rocks, shells, seeds, unusual shapes of metal, wood, bone, and things found along the way. 

The Creations

Combining the magic of beads, the energy of nature, found objects, the influence of her travels and her heritage she strives to create jewelry that reflects the elegance of the natural beauty that surrounds us all - the movement of the wind in the trees, cascading vines, sunlight on the sea, or the glitter of starlight on a moonless night, the galaxy at peace-the style and grace of contemporary women. 







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